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GCP Big Table – main facts

GCP Big Table – main facts:

Is the basis of many google products
Object storage system

Does not offer indexes except for a single range index you can use

Is the basis for Hadoop big data system

You pay for storage separately

You pay for min 3 nodes and can expand as you need

Nodes are needed just for read / write – not for storage

Support for massive amounts of reads / writes but not locking or transaction support

Is not completely and highly available since sometimes data is not available as it is moved around

Great for big queries, less for short quick rapid ones


Sweet And Cool! Kubernetes 1.4: Making it easy to run on Kubernetes anywhere

Sweet new features!

  1. Clusters can span regions and cloud providers (AWS, GCP)
  2. Setup of clusters in just 3 commands including the overlay (internal) network
  3. Simple Kubernetes Installation using simple yum/apt-get or simply run from the GCP platform (soon)
  4. Single VIP points to a load balancer that can forward traffic to federated cluster nodes across regions

More info:


Listen to this – Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Podcast has launched!

Part of being in the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Insiders program (through eMind where I work for) is you get access to cool new resources early on ๐Ÿ™‚

I love learning through audio, podcasts being one big source of information. So I hooked to the new Google Cloud Platform Podcastย and I can see it looks great. Here is why:

  1. Enthusiastic hosts! Francesc and Mark really love what they do and its catching ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Each of the chapters focus on a topics that’s part of the GCP Platform, providing both information as well as real world scenarios and implementation details using the technology
  3. The “Question of the week” section deals with interesting cases which come from the field
  4. Timely review of stuff related to GCP

All good stuff and pack in a 25-30 minutes bundle you can consume easily on the way to the office. As to the actual topics and Podcast feeds, and Social Media channels, just head to the GCP podcast page.

Got any other Cloud, Big Data, DevOps related podcast we should listen to?