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Pulling Innovation out of Patent Black Holes

How to build World Class Products and Services

How to build World Class Products is a bullet point summary from the Episode 527 of This Week in Startups Podcast as Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO shared:

  1. Focus on a single value Proposition
  2. Provide World Class service
  3. Offer Simple, intuitive interface that anticipates and delivers on customer needs
  4. Exceed expectations – then even when you occasionally fail, your customers  would still love you
  5. Resonates emotionally with a need that seeks expression

Now you can test those with your own product or service… What did you find?

How Apple overcame its magnificent Technical Innovation failures

Looking at this 2004 Fast Company article: If he’s so smart …Steve Jobs, Apple, and the limits of innovation, it is very clear that the author looked critically on Apple’s posture, which have been trumping technical innovation and excellence, while neglecting business process innovation, execution and profits. The claim was that Apple put too much effort on creating great products, without matching business execution strategy that is paramount for massive market domination and maximum profits.

Dell, Microsoft and others have benefited of Apple’s technical innovations, by learning what Apple has done, and creating their own cheaper alternative, while focusing on achieving maximum profit through matching marketing, manufacturing, distribution, sales and customer support.

This article was published right before the iPhone/iPad age, which I believe, was enabled by the business process revolution within Apple. Without the focus on manufacturing, distribution, customer service and profit, mastered by Tim Cook, Apple would still be a dwindling company, creating magnificent products that other companies make huge profit by cloning them.

It is easy for you as well, to fall for the glamour of Technical innovation and excellence, but the powerful ingredient, many prefer to forget about, just because it seems to be tedious and require mastering, long term thinking and investment, is business innovation and execution…

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Technical Innovation and Business Process Innovation?

How to find what your clients want

How to find what your clients want

It is seldom advised to ask your clients what they want.

But the answers you get would not always be true, no matter how people want to be honest and well advise you.

So, don’t ask your clients what they need. Instead, watch what they choose and find out why they acted so.

Question is, does your solution, software or service have the hooks that allow you collect the information needed to reveal to you what your clients love, use or need. Assuming privacy has been taken care of, does your software (either 3rd party or self-developed) measure and allow usage reports?

If it doesn’t you are leaving valuable information for your competitors, and that’s the whole story.

Since most of current software solutions are web based and built with tools which allow automation, self-generated code, object oriented and thus inheritance of features, setting the user-action monitoring is more feasable than ever.

Still my guess is, you don’t really make sure you have this data collected, analyzed and acted upon. Do you agree?

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