GENESIS - Big Data Super Nova - Part One (Eve)

GENESIS – Big Data Super Nova – Part Two (Adam)

Hey and welcome!

The “Genesis – Big Data Super Nova and the Journey Back to Privacy and Security” broadcast is about to begin.

This time I decided to share with you my insights and ideas through a story.
So tighten your seatbelt as we jump into hyperspace through time.
It’s now exactly 37 years forward – the morning of March 13, 2050, 11 AM: Earth Standard Galaxy time.

Previous Chapter is here (Eve)

Chapter Two: Adam

GENESIS – Big Data Super Nova – Part Two (Adam)

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He didn’t like to Wake-on-LAN people, although Eden Industries code of conduct allowed it, in case of emergencies.

As a Naturalist, long term member of the “Real Thing”, the last thing he wanted is any relation to using inter-body Nano bots or other artificial enhancements.

Adam was 27 years old, and preferred to die young, rather than have his body parts replaced by bot parts.

After 200 hundred years or so, no bot can keep your body alive, and you have to mind-beam yourself into the mind cloud, that is, if you discount the choice of artificial body part replacements.

The other option is to use a whole body replacement.

“That’s when you fully stop being a human, turning yourself into a dumb robot”, he thought. You look like a Frankenstein, no matter how precise your human body imitation is.

Of course, your mind is still there, if you don’t mind an emotional glitch here and there, since data loss can happen when your brains is scanned.

“Nothing is perfect, including 3-D brain scanners.”

Thinking about the Nano Mind- Scan bots crawling through his brain, as they turn mind into data, turned Adam’s brown eyes even darker.

“I don’t mind being a bit over-weight and baldy, or even called ‘Slow Thinker’. I won’t let any of those crap bots get under my skin”.

Eve looked always in great shape. But she never had to actually make an effort to look good. Her Muscle Trainer bots did all the work.

Eve was 20 years older than him, and still looked like she was in her early twenties.

“But she was not real. Not a real human being. And still I like her a lot.”

Then he felt ashamed for waking Eve by communicating the alert message, through her Inter Body Bots.

But he didn’t have a choice.

There was no time to wait, as more reports came in, it turned up to be a huge disaster.
He recalled the last time a global alert was broadcast on planet earth.

This time it was worse, enormously worse.

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