GENESIS - Big Data Super Nova - Part One (Eve)

GENESIS – Big Data Super Nova – Part One (Eve)

Hey and welcome!

The “Genesis – Big Data Super Nova and the Journey Back to Privacy and Security” broadcast is about to begin.

This time I decided to share with you my insights and ideas through a story.
So tighten your seatbelt as we jump into hyperspace through time.
It’s now exactly 37 years forward – the morning of March 13, 2050, 11 AM: Earth Standard Galaxy time.

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Chapter 1: Eve

Eve woke up.

But as she puffed her dark long hair off her face, she felt strange, a sense of fuzziness.
The inter-body adrenaline injection Nano system did its job and she opened her eyes.

GENESIS - Big Data Super Nova - Part One (Eve)

“No need for Alarms clocks any more”, she thought.

Then she felt as if she lost it.

It was as if her thoughts got encrypted through an SSH5 Gateway so she could not really understand what she was thinking.

Lights came up, as the under-skin environment communication Nano chip sent the message about her awakening to her room’s climate control unit.

But she was still lost.

Her body was still awakening, eyes turned purple, muscles twitching, heart beating faster.
But none of this was in her control. The Nano bots were doing it all.
No one needed to use contact lenses to get their choice of eye color, or go to the sea to get their body’s skin tanned.

Well except the Naturalists of course. They were objecting just any kind of body enhancements.

Then suddenly, as if someone hit the lights on, Eve was really awaken.
Her first thought was “It is too early”.

Then the Red Blinking message appeared right in front of her eyes, blinking, mesmerizing.

Subject: Big trouble Boss
Better get here right away, while you still can.

That’s why she lost it for a moment.
There was no time for the usual gradual wake up.

Adam had probably activated the Emergency wake up process, communicating the secret “Wake-on -LAN” message right into the Nano chips in her body.

“I hate it”, she thought. “And I don’t have time to get to the office.”

“I have to mind-beam”.

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