How to get your team love doing much more than you ask for

How to get your team love doing much more than you ask for

While negotiating terms, always give or pay your team members more than they ask for, and then ask them to do less than they were willing or expecting to do.

They will be happy that way, and you will feel great as well!

Furthermore, your team will be much more likely willing to go the extra mile, farther beyond what you paid for or dreamt getting.

How do you maintain this good will as days go by?

  1. Firstly, take care of your team members. Don’t worry about getting the job done. It will turn out fine. Keep reading.
  2. During the day to day activities, show your team how much you care about the team’s goals, by going the extra mile yourself.
  3. Clearly describe the goals.
  4. Keep the door open for their prospective.
  5. Ask for suggestions on how to reach those goals.

All this is much more powerful, than telling them they need to do more, or what they should do.

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