Got no time for the important stuff in your life?

Got no time for the important stuff in your life?

But time has always been a matter of priority rather than quantity

So having time for the important stuff in your life, is not about “buying” more “minutes” you could “spend” during your day.

It is about choosing what is more important to you.

So why are you avoiding choice?

It is the ancient fear – behind one door awaits the love of your life, beautiful and loving, whilst the other door hides a frightening vicious tiger.

Will you meet happiness or the end of your life?

Here is the way out…

Each time you avoid choosing, you actually enter the third invisible door. This door opens up the corridor to a black hole which swallows all your life goals.

So next time, you feel you don’t have enough time for something important, remember, you can choose, move something out, to let the important things in your life have a chance.

It doesn’t matter if the door you open, leads to a fight with the tiger or a hug with the love of your life, or the joy of doing something important for mankind.

It is much worse falling into the invisible door of sorrow over things you did not have the courage to win over.

Because this sorrow is out there, slowing your steps, every day of your life. The more choices you dare to take, the more fulfillment you have in your life.

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